Confidence is beauty

Welcome Summer! Get to know my 9 favorite beauty products for this season.  From the top! Lorea`l Elnett Strong Hold hair spray- I choose that one because of the fine hair I have. This spray is amazing it holds curls all day/night long, has great fragrance and gives the shine. The best results come after shampooing and blow-drying your hair.

Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray. To finish your look. It can leaves an oil film on your thin hair if sprayed too close so to avoid that ask somebody to do it for you. I love the fresh, oriental scent. I also use this product on my ends and it works well. Why to love? Shiny and soft hair are the answer. Period.

Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging. True. It hydrates and brings the glow back. Wonderful scent and opaque. Easy to carry on when traveling. Absorbs perfectly and awake the tired skin. You need only a pea size per daily use.

Back to Nature Silk serum drops with argan oil for the hair. “Unbeatable frizz control crated to smooth hair, detangle and give instant silky shine, moisturizes and silkens skin, too.” Definitely baby soft hair after few uses. It does control the frizz and smells heavenly. I called it quick fix.

Dior Air Nude. I am using number 020 on my fair skin. If you follow my blog frequently you will notice that I have had already mention the product. What can I say more. It is a miracle. If you are dreaming about a healthy air-brushed skin don`t wait too long an go shopping. What it`s so special about Air Nude? No shiny T-Zone even when if it is more than 100F outside. This is the second positive I have noticed.  First impression? Fresh, clean, young looking skin like from the fashion backstage. Easy to maintain. I like to apply it with my finger tips as the brushes soaks too much of this rich and expensive product. Once I stared using Air Nude I noticed that my skin looks better. I am not sure what it is exactly but it works well. My skin loves this foundation. I love DIOR. Peace. The one and only cone: It does not cover dark circles itself so you need to use brightening corrector before.

Visine Original Redness Relief. This fast acting formula does what it promised. Goodbye red eyes. If you spend long hours in the front of computer, slept less and went party all night this product is right for you. It works.

Andalou Naturals Luminous Eye Serum. Wonderful opaque- hygienic and easy to pump. Non GMO, made in USA. “Luminous Eye Serum is an excellent lightweight formula for the eye area (or anywhere on the face, actually). Ingredients such as sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, caffeine, and multiple skin-repairing agents help your skin look and act younger and healthier”

NARS Terre De Feu Pure Matt Lipstick. The color is so luxurious. So sexy, secretive and elegant. Lips feel hydrated but I suggest to exfoliate them a night before. It last very long, Happy party!

Chantecaille Eye Shadow Lemongrass. We are talking abut color. It is so original and hard to find. However Chantecaille did a great job. You need to apply it wet to get the maximum of shine and lasting. I am in love.

love, Ewa
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