Francais de Beaute

I visited Paris few weeks ago and stopped by the famous French pharmacies and off duty at the airport. To get the beauty products that every French woman swear for. I bought few. I tested them on my sensitive skin almost every day. I still keep using them! Every Euro was worth spend.

I would like to start with Embryliosse Lait-Creme Concentre. All make-up artists recommend that. I love it! It moisturizes the skin perfectly and protects the skin from harsh weather.  It is a magical cream. It has many uses too. A mask, make-up remover, primer… Just try it!

Next round. Bioderma Crealine H2O micelle solution. This product removes all eye make-up without irritating the sensitive skin area so the entire face. It is a great toner too. I am so addicted to it and I wish I had buy two bottles. The formula is genius. Forget about Lancome or Dior. This product has a great price and wonderful effects. Your skin will thank you!

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Mulit-Purpose Dry Oil. It smells heavenly. This product has a multiple uses and I would recommend you to visit their website as they have many helpful tips. I treat this product as a serum, I mix it with my moisturizer, I put on my hair and cuticles after nail polished dried, on dry spots, entire body… this product is 100% non-greasy and natural. So gentle and elegant. Amazing! For summer use the one with shimmer, it is so sexy!

And voila Biotherma!

Why I love Biotherma? It is safe for my skin and there is no irritation at all even after first try. Skin is deeply moisturized, cleaned and toned. I use Aquasource as a moisturizer, Blue Eye Therapy for my eyes and Biosource to wash my face.

Happy Shopping!!!




love, Ewa
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