San Diego-Fun Diego

Driving from Vegas to San Diego may be time consuming (traffic) but it`s well worth it. Sandy beaches, fresh air, delicious seafood, great boardwalk (often crowded), and 24h living community. The Mission Beach where I was staying is very active. Jogging, biking, doing yoga on the beach, surfing, taking long walks, socializing, reading, having cocktails all day long. This beach is mostly occupied by young locals. I felt like an alien for the first time as they definitely owe the place. They feel proud of where they live and take advantage of what the beach life has to offer. Which is sweet. There is a great energy. Fast&furious. There is a healthy lifestyle mixed up with happy hours if you don`t feel like running. People observing. Correct, you will be watched from head to toe. You are tourist, new on the beach and in town, you will feel many eyeballs starring at you. Local ones.

If you are planning to stay away from many people and being lazy this place is not for you. You are coming here to improve your cardio and show your nice body to “strangers”.  You may take a nap on the beach and that`s fine but I would opt for the sports activities the most. Be prepared.

Take a walk along the luxury beach houses and you will be simply jealous. Shop at the cute small fashion boutiques and you will be broke. Try family own restaurants (pizza, tacos) and it will save you $$$. Rent a beach cruiser and have fun, plus feel like a 100% SD born and raised. Stay on the beach- you will feel safer.






love, Ewa
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