Self-isolation. What are we learning?

Who your real friends are. Checking on each other has been tremendously important lately. Do you receive calls or texts from your buddies during quarantine more often than normal? Keep these folks in mind. They are your true friends. Why? Everyone is going through different anxieties right now. From boredom to being insane. From furlough/laid off to feeling uncertain. From working at home to dealing with distractions. From happy to sad. Your are very lucky to have these coolest friends digitally around you right now. They are helping themselves and you to go through this difficult time together. Once this is all over you will learn who your real friends are.

Love yourself even more. Now is the right time to focus! On… yourself! Either you are going through all of this on your own or surrounded by your loved ones, you need to find a moment to reflect on who you are, what makes you happy, what doesn’t, what would you like to change in your life. Think about creating the picture of yourself when coming out of self-isolation. Better you, stronger you!

Self-made chef. Cooking. I made my first Thai coconut chicken curry during this pandemic. It turned out super delicious! I couldn’t be more proud of my cooking skills and I will be making anther one soon! Homemade is a new word. I miss all the sushi, pizza, oysters from Vancouver, ramen, shrimp tacos, juicy steaks, but creating comforting dish from the scratch and corner of your kitchen has been very fulfilling to me! Creativity is another word. Now is the time to spend…yes, in the kitchen and kick on your culinary skills! Good luck!

Do you exercise? My first thought after lock-down. You need cardio, you need to stretch, lift some weights in order to boost your immunity and well-being. At the beginning of pandemic majority of us were working out from their garages and homes. We are getting more comfortable now, leaving our houses going for a walk, jog, bike, hike. We need vitamin D. Parks are open. Whatever you will choose to do, fitness is crucial to your health, so is fresh, crispy air. More and more people are getting into fitness and I love that fact. Keep going!

Learning and self-development. You may have more spare time now than before, or you may not, as you still need to juggle between many different things that are happening in your life. Polishing your professional and technical skills may be the right thing to do now. How? Join free webinar, free courses – it`s all happening right now. Just do some research and learn something new, network and connect with others around the world.

Enjoy little things in life. Breath, taste, vision, laugh, your family, your pets. Your hobbies!

Stay strong! The power is within you :)

love, Ewa
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